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Our business model ensures that our clients have access to a deep pool of experts in various fields in the casino and hospitality industries. Members of this very talented team are called upon based on the client’s needs and the scope of work for each project. Therefore, our clients only pay for the specific expertise they need at any given time. 


Nic Girgulis - Gaming Operations and Customer Experience

Nic brings more than 20 years of casino operating expertise to All-In’s clients. He applies intuitive and analytical skills to evolve programs strategically, while managing the expectations of a variety of stakeholders. His underlying focus is always the customer.

Nic’s expertise: casino floor design, gaming products, casino management system beta testing and launch programs, security and surveillance, compliance and risk management, finance, food and beverage, hotel operations, theatre operations and project management.

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Howard Blank - Special Projects, Media & Stakeholder Relations

Howard has over 30 years experience as an award-winning executive in the casino entertainment space. He has been honoured with the Display of Excellence Lifetime Achievement Award and the Philanthropic Award from the Canadian Gaming Industry Association, (2006 and 2011) among others. 

Howard’s expertise: project ideation, grass roots and international media relations, market specific entertainment planning and execution, community outreach and philanthropic strategies.

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Chef Sylvain Cuerrier - RSE, CCC Food & Beverage

Sylvain raises the casino customer’s expectations to a higher level through exceptional food and beverage experiences. During his 30 year career, he has worked for renowned organizations such as Ritz-Carlton Hotels, InterContinental Hotels, River Rock Casino Resort and Gateway Casinos and Entertainment. He is an award-winning Chef, and has received multiple recognitions for his charity work. 

Sylvain’s expertise: menu engineering, front of house exceptional customer experience delivery, cost containment, restaurant and QSR concept development, training, labour relations, and regulatory compliance.

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Cathy Floyd - Human Resources and Administration

Cathy has more than 20 years in the retail space and human capital management. Cathy provides All-In with support in various aspects of day-to-day operation as well as project and financial management.

Cathy’s expertise: human resources, policy development, recruitment, training, sales, and administration.

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Shawn Green - AI & Digital Activation

Shawn has more than 20 years experience in the digital sector, and 15 years in gaming. Using artificial intelligence, augmented reality, machine learning, and other leading-edge technologies, he is on the forefront of customer engagement, behavioural marketing, and personalization. He has built a reputation for taking ideas and turning them into reality.

Shawn’s expertise: digital marketing, data analysis, branding, retail floor design and merchandising, e-commerce and research.

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Robyn MacIsaac - Corporate Social Responsibility

With more than 20 years of experience, Robyn is a seasoned public relations consultant. She has earned a reputation as a trusted adviser in both the private and public sectors, with a focus on results and excellence in client service.

Robyn’s expertise: responsible gambling, record in strategic communications planning and implementation, public and media relations, government relations, issues management, employee and stakeholder relations. 

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Jayne Barnstead - From Idea to Execution to Results.

An accomplished strategic marketing and communications professional who is motivated by the intellectual challenge of meeting business goals and the energy that comes from playing a hands-on role in creating and implementing strategic and tactical plans. Adept at collaborating, influencing, and building relationships within complex organizations (both public and private) and with external stakeholders.

Proven expertise directing activities such as digital media marketing, market research, brand/product management, advertising and promotion, graphic design and the effective use of big (and small) data. Over 25 years’ experience delivering excellent results in environments that embrace creative thinking and cutting-edge approaches to doing business.

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Erin Oliver - Operational Integrity & Business Transition

With a keen attention to detail and a no-stress approach, Erin has lead multiple teams and projects over her 24 year gaming career from gaming operating contract negotiations, provincial reporting, and AML training.

Erin’s expertise: regulatory compliance, gaming management system conversion, auditing and implementing new regulatory processes and procedures; AML, large cash transaction and Fintrac procedures, casino cage and guest service operations and project management.

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